The HCigar VT200 Box mod is a giant leap in vaping technology, with the integration of Evolv's DNA 200 Chip Set that features the most advanced and comprehensive output technology in today's market, with a wattage range of 1 to 200W, a voltage range of 1 to 9.0V, and an incredibly diverse software suite in Escribe. With a svelte and form friendly elliptical arc design, the VT200 features soft curves combined with clean cut hard lines. The result is a device that fits perfectly into the user's hands, making daily use easy and non-fatiguing. Integrated within the VT200 is a 1300mAh 3S Lithium Polymer Battery, feeding the onboard Evolv DNA 200 with the necessary power to reach 200W to full effect. The DNA 200 is capable of extreme precision from 1 to 200W with an incredible efficiency rating of 97%. Coupled with the Escribe software, allows the VT200 for the most fine output measurements and parameters in today's market. In standard operating mode, the VT200 is capable of firing Kanthal based heating elements up to 100W and Ni200 Nickel (other temperature based heating elements also supported through Escribe) atomizers up to 200W with temperature ranges from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. With an unbelievable performance range, unprecedented customization features, and an solid, finely tuned chassis, the HCigar VT200 DNA 200 Box Mod is sure to make a tremendous impact in today's market.